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Personal Training Toronto


Move Better, Feel Better

Fitness for Everyday Life

In Person & Online Personal Training

Fitness Foundations For Every Goal

Functional Strength & Mobility

Strength and Mobility are the basis for quality movement. Building a strong, mobile and functional base is the foundation to achieving your goals both inside and outside of the gym.

Move Better, Feel Better

By focusing on mindful, high quality movement patterns, your customized workout program will help you develop a deep understanding of what your body is capable of.

Personalized to You

I'll tailor your workout program to your specific needs.  Whether you're looking for in-person training, online personal training, or a hybrid approach, my approach ensures that you'll hit your goals, making continuous progress while keeping the process engaging and fun.

Expansive Expertise

Using a holistic approach to keep your body adaptive, I'll incorporate a range of disciplines into your training plan to meet your goals, including barbell training, kettlebell training, calisthenics and mobility work.


Functional Fitness Philosophy

My core philosophy centers around functional fitness that bolsters your everyday life. I draw from a diverse array of disciplines, including strength training, natural movement, barbell training, kettlebell training, calisthenics, martial arts, mobility training, and more. This holistic approach is designed to help you realize your true capabilities, enabling you to move better and feel better

What Clients Say

"Andrew is great at creating programs that work for a person's individual needs and preferences. He pays attention to feedback and provides detailed instructions for proper form for the exercises. I highly recommend his services!"
- Kyla
  • Where are you located?
    In-person Personal Training takes place in Toronto, Ontario. However, I also have options for Online Personal Training that can happen from anywhere in the world!
  • What services do you offer?
    I offer a variety of services including: in-person training (one-on-one and small group), virtual training, and monthly personalized workout programs that you can follow on your own!
  • How much do your services cost?
    The costs can vary based on the program's length, session frequency, and individualized planning. However, investing in an exercise coach is investing in your long-term health and mobility, with tailored programs that offer value beyond standard gym memberships.
  • What style of training do you offer?
    My core philosophy centers around natural movement and functional fitness. I draw from a diverse array of disciplines, including barbell and kettlebell training, calisthenics, martial arts, mobility work, and more. I make sure to find an approach that is fun, enjoyable and that works for you!
  • I have an existing injury. Is training safe for me?
    All programs are customized to ensure they are safe and effective for your specific needs. Fitness training can be adapted to accommodate and even aid in the recovery of various injuries. However, I recommend consulting with a healthcare professional first.
  • Do I need any prior experience?
    Not at all! Each training program is uniquely tailored to your age, fitness level, goals, and needs. Personalized attention is a cornerstone of my approach, ensuring you receive a training plan that is both effective and enjoyable.


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